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As a young child, my memories included seeing angels and spirit guides, as well as having the occasional prophetic dream or vision. These visions and phenomena would all but take a backseat in my adult life until reawakened by a near-death experience in my mid 20’s. This intense experience seemed to open an even deeper doorway into other realms. I began seeing the translucent forms of my spirit guides and myriad others from the ‘other side’ who no longer walked in this world, but still wished to communicate. These unexpected visits could be quite jarring, leaving me with so many questions. Fortunately, I found my way to a very gifted medium Mataare (aka Paul McClain) with whom I studied psychic development for several years. Under his caring guidance, I learned how to use my gifts…on my own terms. And, most importantly, I learned that using these gifts to assist others, would become one of the most profound and meaningful ways of fulfilling my own destiny.

With love and reverence for your journey in this life,



My background is in Energetic Work & Healing. My journey as a Healer began when my hand chakras were activated by Archangel Raphael. This led me on a journey to learn more about healing modalities. I am a Reiki Master and also channel Angelic Healing Energy, and other High Vibrational Beings when working with you energetically. I am a Theta Healing Practitioner, Past Life Regression Hypnotist, Intuitive, & Psychic.

Some of my favorite tools for readings are Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, & Charms. My readings are geared to offer Support, Perspective, & often Confirmation. You are the Creator of Your Life! Having questions gives us a place to focus. Looking at the energy around Situations, Past Lives, Current Guides/Angels, and your Spiritual Gifts are just a few of the things I can tune into.


Gabriella Young is a visionary performance and recording artist well known for her performances of the initiatory poetry of Rumi and other spiritual masters. Collaborating with international musicians, her concerts are symphonies of consciousness celebrating ecstatic reunion with the Beloved, universal harmony and compassion. Programs, retreats and recordings gift an embodied experience of gnostic visions at the heart of all wisdom traditions.  Gabriella’s transmissions offer an alchemical anointing consciousness and work on the ground of the soul.

 “Gabriella Young has honed her being and her art. She is not merely a marvelous interpreter of Rumi’s poetry, but a transmitter of its sacred fire. She is an alchemist of word, gesture and movement.” – Andrew Harvey (Author, Poet, Mystic Activist)

Gabriella offers sessions & events with Uttati Aromatherapy Oils